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Was that an elephant next to the road?

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(yes it was! :) )

Small talk
After all I am in a village where no foreigners come. So people stare. A lot. And I never heard so many different attempts of people trying to get my attention. Categorized by response:
I do listen to: Yanaka, Jennek, Sister, aunti, madam, miss and Maria.
I might listen to: bhalo atjen, hi, salam a leikum, how are you?, what’s your name? and friendly hand waving.
I most certainly ignore: Bideshi!!!, eeeeeeeeey, babe, Oi oi oi oi and someone snapping his fingers. For some reason they are not familiar with whistling..thank god.
Small talk – part two. I am fascinated by sunglasses. It’s the accessory for every (wo)man. Even here. Also here. Small example can be seen below. What a cool kid that is! ;)

After spending the evening at a colleagues house, having dinner and so on I walk back to my home. Take a quick look above, stop walking and look again. What a magnificent sky. Like the amount of stars triples that of home. Reminds me of Egypt where I sat at my balcony in the evening with a coffee and just gazed into the night. No balcony here unfortunately. No real coffee either. Same peace of mind though.

Loads of water around now

And then just when it’s the first time to say goodbye to a friend -which will make my last weeks here a lot more boring- a postcard arrives. With a small thingy called usb stick. One truly (technical) wonder of this world. Containing two serials and a nice movie. Homeland is finished (I’m a little disappointed about the ending, but it does create lots of possibilities for season 2). On to Borgen :)


Two more field trips: agricultural this time (as water is off course very much linked / connected with that). First is the very basic but helpful solution of constructing a collection point (where farmers and whole sellers can meet). The second one is a agricultural fair where varieties of crops are showed. Wait, is that GBK?

Since my work plan is almost finished, other things come up (actually that’s no difference to the other 4 months). Like writing proposals. Gosh where does that remind me of?? Must say that writing proposals for a NGO is a total different but interesting experience. Lots of colours ;) Oeh and the research report I reviewed is finally printed! I was a bit afraid I wouldn’t see it myself before I left, but here it is!

Let’s end this time with some examples of hope:

–          the young rebel girl wearing ‘western clothes’ (no orna!) and still deciding on becoming an fashion designer or judge (girl power)
–          the statement made by Professor Muhammad Yunus (Bangladesh), Archbishop Desmond Tutu (south Africa), Professor Jody Williams (USA) and Dr. Shirin Ebadi (Iran) Statement of Concern on Violence and Discrimination against LGBT People
–          a lot has been written (and shall be written) about the Padma brigde, the world bank and Bangladesh. I’m not even going to comment on that issue, but it is nice to see that some newspapers are not afraid to publish critical drawings.

–          the enthusiasm lingering in youth club members
–          women playing sports! And not just a sport, no football it is :)



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  1. By: carolien on 20 juli 2012 at 13:09      

    reallynice to read your experiences, and yes, the report came out really colourfull ;)
    I gues that it pleases them a lot hihi :-) and for a dutchie tat prefers basic functional style :-)