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Sounds like Bengali logic to me…

Posted by: | 11 mei 2012 Reageren uitgeschakeld |

(they really do have their own strange logic…)

April went on quite smoothly until something happened with a missing politician and all kind of parties blaming each other and a hartal (strike) was declared. For safety reasons I was strongly suggested to stay in home that day. And the next day (prolongation of the strike). And the next day (prolongation of the strike). Surprisingly how much one can desire to simply go to an office!

After 3 days the strike was called to an end leaving some death, some injured and many poor people missing out on income because transportation had stopped and only few people went out. In the week after another 48 hour strike was declared, putting me back in home. Blegh. It is somewhat surprising to me to see this violence which is quite a contradiction to the kindness I usually experience. Let’s just stay some people are easily agitated. And maybe there’s a lot to be unhappy about.

The weather is becoming hot and humid. Even in the morning I am sweaty even before I’m in the office. Luckily there haven’t been many power cuts. I have thanked the person who invented the ceiling fan many times and also GBK for having an office which those amazing things. The temperature rise is not extremely (30-35 degrees Celsius) but the combination with the humidity makes everything a tiring and difficult task. I feel slow, well probably I am slow. In the evening it cools down to 25 degrees, which is a bless. Unfortunately this happens just around 22u o clock when al the Bengali people start having dinner and I’m doing some reading or checking my email before I go to bed. Or playing guitar hero on my Nintendo DS :) I also like to read blogs from other VSO volunteers (especially the ones I met during VSO training). The picture of a rat (ready for consumption) made me very happy with the rice, the chicken, the mushy vegetables, the tasteless bread, bad chocolate and even the terrible looking (but not that bad tasting) sweets (misti).

In the beginning of May I had a little break from my placement. Went to Dhaka (9 hour journey by bus) and to Cox bazaar (12 hour journey by bus with only two 20 minutes stops!?) for the VSO annual conference. It was really nice to meet all the volunteers and share experiences.

The workshop consisted of sessions on gender, advocacy, regional differences within Bangladesh, climate change and so on. Lots of talking, learning and joking. An excellent hotel with clean rooms, tv, airconditioning, ok food and a shady bar in the back providing beer (for a horrible expensive amount) which we drink at the beach in the evening, created very nice circumstances. I think it is the first time here I felt like being on a holiday.

After another very very very long journey we arrived back in Dhaka. A few days to discover the city (coffee world!!!) and then back to Parbatipur with a renewed energy level!

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