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It’s not exactly paradise here

Posted by: | 2 maart 2012 | 1 Comment |

After two legs I arrived at Dhaka Airport. Not a place to get excited about (in opposite to dubai airport, that’s for sure impressive…fascinating that young travellers, old & retired couples and businesses men fill up such a plane).

Dhaka itself got me off my feet (or maybe not sleeping in 28 hours also contributed to that). The heat, the dust, the outrageous traffic, the beggars, the people who are just trying to survive, the noises, the strangeness of the language and signs. I thought visiting Maroc had prepared me and it sure did, but Bangladesh is really really really poor.

Walking on the streets around our flat (I arrived with one other volunteer) we get strange looks and lots of guys coming up to sell or ‘help’us. Help with whatever needed (place to sleep, ricksjaw, food, drinks, alcohol, etc etc). We kindly decline every offer. In the ten minute walk I’ve seen hundreds of (local) people in the street, no one being from (western) Europe. People stare. We smile. They smile back.

I’m staying for a couple of days in a local flat (together with 3 other volunteers) and enjoy the in country training. Because there are just a few of us and because we are short placement volunteers, we don’t need to stay for 2 weeks. And we get a chauffeur to our placement (beats driving in a bus for 8 eight hours J). I must say the people at VSO Bangladesh are really nice and supportive (as are other volunteers).

So far it’s exciting, although I can also see the challenges ahead already ;) I’ll try to upload some photographs soon!

Mijn locatie .

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1 Comment

  1. By: Merel Snijders on 2 maart 2012 at 16:41      

    Hee janneke!
    Wat fijn om te horen dat je goed aangekomen bent, wat een cultuurshock moet het even geweest zijn!
    Ik hoop snel foto’s en nieuwe verhalen terug te zien!
    Veel liefs xx