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hello Parbatipur

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Luckily I haven’t been sick too long, so today (Sunday) we left at 7.00 am from Dhaka. I arrived around 4.00 pm, so it was quite a trip. Hereby some photo’s from this road trip.

I must say that my driver (from VSO) wasn’t as foolish as most other people here ;) No just kidding, he was an excellent driver. We stopped almost every 2 a 3 hours. Had a coffee (yeah!), a sandwich (I still don’t what I’ve eaten but it sure wasn’t a chicken sandwich), a lunch (rice yes, spicy yes) and a lot of water. We drove on nice roads, crappy roads, unpaved roads…but we made it.

GBK welcomed me most wonderful and after a quick tour in the office, we went to my house (flowers on my bed…I think the first and only time)  . I have a 3-bedroom apartment, in a yet to be finished building. Bot no worries, ground floor is ready since I and a family (my neighbours) are living there. Quite nice exactly (and way too much space for me alone…but I don’t mind). My toilet is a hole in the ground, so I now I have to do a nr 2 like I’ve never done before. Yes I’m living on the edge ;)

I introduced myself to the neighbours and talked nicely with them. Tomorrow my first day at the office. Looking forward to it!

on the road

shops beside the road

rice fields

one of the many busses (in all colours they have them). Oh yes and that flappy thing did come off… (luckily we missed it)

truck (they are all painted nicely)

my house (well flat which is not finished yet…but the ground floor is ;)

my bedroom! (nice musquito net)

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  1. By: Carla on 11 maart 2012 at 20:20      

    He Jan,

    Ziet er allemaal indrukwekkend uit hoor! Fijn te horen dat je goed bent aangekomen en er vooral nog veel zin in hebt! En tja, met deze wc’s kan het ook maar beter als water eruit lopen… Beetje weerstand opdoen is nooit verkeerd :-). Heel veel plezier nog, en ik ga proberen de site in de gaten te blijven houden!

    Veel liefs