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Goodbye Parbatipur, hello Dhaka

Posted by: | 4 augustus 2012 | 2 Comments |

Just at the end of July the first ever North West Collective was organized. A meeting for all VSO volunteers in the NW to share experiences and explore joint approaches. Rangpur is almost a small city! With ´real´ restaurants to go to for lunch and dinner, that serve okay food and even coffee (besides the availability of peanut butter a true difference between a village (not) and a town (yes). With bigger streets, loads of traffic, many street shops and a sort of rush. And Tajhat palace. A tourist highlight according to the lonely planet and the locals. Well it does have 3 archaeological pieces inside…but also a lovely park surrounding it. Chilling outside with a group consisting of foreigners only, talking in English and Bangladeshi staring at us: yep I feel like a tourist ;)

Meanwhile Ramadan has started. The ‘restaurants’ have curtains hanging in front of the entrance so the devoted fasting Muslims don’t get distracted by the people that do eat and drink inside. Like me, I have found this nice little tea-place where I drink my wake-up tea with milk and sugar (only flavour available) every morning before I enter the office. I really don’t understand how people manage without drinking in this hot weather. Around 5 PM all the extra food prepared by the restaurants is openly displayed, which turns out to be a good selling technique as the hungry buy and buy.  After the prayer that signals the sun has set, everybody disappears in houses and start eating and drinking. That is somewhere around 7 pm. The perfect time for me to go out for a walk. It has cooled down a little bit and I have never seen the streets so empty. Lovely views of sunset also!

special food items prepared during Ramadan

It is August now. Just a few days and I’ll be leaving my town to head to Dhaka for the last time. A bit weird, but my work plan is completed. The final placement report has been made and send to VSO. Everybody is happy. So basically there ain’t much to for me here anymore. I do help GBK with other –important- things like fundraising, booking hotels in France, distributing the research report, drinking tea, reading newspapers and so on. Time to say goodbye to colleagues and acquaintances. Just some packing to do and off we go.  A lovely car ride definitely beats the bus!

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  1. By: Carla on 15 augustus 2012 at 20:24      

    Goede terugreis Janneke! Genoeg spannende verhalen te vertellen als je terug bent, lijkt me. Ben erg benieuwd!
    Tot snel op het voetbalveld :-)

  2. By: Marije on 9 augustus 2012 at 17:36      

    Geniet van je laatste periode in Bangladesh en succes met de reversed-culture-shock straks :)