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Change of plans

Posted by: | 6 maart 2012 | 3 Comments |

After a couple of days with local area exploration, shopping and sessions at the VSO-office,

the original plan was to leave this morning to my placement (together with one other volunteer). But then in the evening before: janneke versus water-related diarea. Janneke loses. So I spent the night at the bathroom. In the morning I didn’t felt okay enough to leave for a 12 hour trip, so I decided to stay home. The people from the VSO office and even the house help were very kind in taking care of me. The doctor said this was going take a couple of days, so my leave has now been planned for Saturday. I’m looking forward to it! After the short but interesting introduction I’d like to do what I came here to do! Also I am very curious about the life outside of Dhaka.

Oh by the way: here you can see my in my traditional outfit!

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  1. By: Frank on 10 maart 2012 at 21:04      

    Mooi dat het gevoel met iets moois bezig te zijn ook daar nog beter wordt! Super! Benieuwd naar je eerste weken indrukken ‘on the job’. Goeie reis als je je er weer lekker genoeg voor voelt!

  2. By: Floor on 9 maart 2012 at 17:33      

    Woa, balen van het ziek zijn maar dat hoort er een beetje bij aldaar denk ik. Je outfit is gaaaaaaaf! *jaloers*

  3. By: Eefje on 8 maart 2012 at 08:23      

    Beterschap Janneke, hoop dat je snel weer opknapt!!