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My office is not in Parbatipur village, but 2 km ahead near Haldibari Railgate. Yes, you can google earth this –  not my house though….unpaved roads ;) Every day I’ll take a kind of rickshaw (flat instead of richly coloured seated ones as in Dhaka), enjoying the morning sun.

Some Bangladesh people say it’s chilly sometimes, but compared to Netherlands it’s definitely not. I also saw my first snake during one of these morning rides, swimming in water (as long as it stays there!). Here some views during my way to the office.

My second week working for GBK has started. After the introduction meeting with (most) staff I made a work plan for the next 5 months. This plan includes activities like:
– develop water scarcity awareness material: leaflet, booklet, discussion guide.
– design public hearing on water scarcity.
– develop linkage with international organisations working on water issues and climate change.
– rewrite & review the existing water scarcity documents.
And a few more. Wouldn’t want to sit around and do nothing ;) Besides working in the office I hope to go on some fieldtrips. Already I’ve been to a local agriculture centre where local farmers can get loads of information. Also the first VSO regional meeting has been planned. That’s my chance to meet other volunteers. Looking forward to that also. Here some pictures from GBK:

GBK gate and building

My working space

Paperless office!

room of my colleauges

Mijn locatie .

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