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a whole different ball game

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Monsoon is here! So far not a lot of heavy rain (beside the occasional storms) but we’re just beginning. At least there is some rain! Accompanied by small temperature drops that is quite nice. It also means an increase of humidity: not so nice. When rain falls everybody leaves the streets immediately to seek shelter in buildings, under the overhang of gas-stations or anything else that will keep you (sort of) dry. Under a van is also a good example. And then we wait. Just sit. And wait. What’s new? ;)

It is a bit difficult though to try to draw attention to water scarcity when water suddenly is abundant everywhere. “Problem solved, no? “ Eh no. Just wait another 6 months and you’ll see…

With six VSO volunteers (3 Bangla and 3 UK) I visited villages affected by climate change & water scarcity in particular. Sitting in the car they call rollercoaster ride. My most used bangla that day: coup gorrom (too hot!). Meetings are held under banana trees. The youth club members answer our questions proudly and show us around. It all makes sense here. And yet there is so much to be done! You wouldn’t tell by the spirit they show.

News and media are strange phenomena here. Almost every subject seems political. Different parties stating completely opposite stories. Impossible to verify what is true and what is not. Why some stories are told and others aren’t. UN, Amnesty International (and many others) criticizing the country. Corruption and other misbehaviour scare investors away. System and people blaming each other. Most people try to ignore such things and continue their lives. Which is not really helping either. But little changes can be noticed here and there. Hopefully they can serve as brave examples. After all it’s all about the willingness – and courage- to change!

Dhaka is exhausting. I am enjoying city life with it’s buzz. The flow that never seems to stop. Even though that means horrible traffic jam, causing me to arrive late and sweaty at my appointment. Dust that makes me cough. And always someone watching you (14 million people in Dhaka and many of them are on the streets). It also means drinking real coffee. Eating luxuries and very expensive food. But so much appreciated. It means very nice company, both Bangladeshi and international. I met some new people and was able to catch up with old friends. I enjoyed the talking, discussions, laughing, joking and answering all issues Bangladesh is facing: it’s not that hard…just some minor changes here and there ;) I love to engage with all of them as well as I love to spend some time alone to let all experiences sink in before I lose my mind. I even like the CNG that guides me through crazy traffic. I like to attend VSO meetings and learn from other’s shared experiences and enthusiasm that (still) lingers around. And I will certainly not forget we danced to celebrate the arrival of the newbies and our achievement so far: surviving the desh ;)

Oh yes -how can I forget- I visited the First conference on harvesting rainwater in Bangladesh!

Euro 2012. All set with chips and refreshments I turned on the radio on 9th of June. Then I tried my TV -just in case- and what a surprise: some Indian channel broadcasts EURO 2012 live!!! That made me very happy. Off course the match itself and the other two that followed after didn’t make me happy at all. After some crying one relief came to mind: next time (2014) I’ll be watching in a pub with friends & beer ;) And maybe by then we have a team that doesn´t lose 3 games in a row. Would be nice.
Well at least I can watch a lot of soccer now :) Not bad after all the cricket.

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